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Everything you want to know about Cannabis
and how to make it  work for your needs.

Customer Testimonials

  SMJ does not provide products or medical advice. We connect patients with common interests to gain a greater understandingthrough research so they can make informed decisions based on rules, regulations and laws in their area.

  1. Mary has gone above and beyond to help me understand how cannabis can help my skin cancer. I highly recommend her services."
    L.J. - Mother
  2. " I don't know what we would have done without working with Mary. Our daughter is doing better than any of her peers facing the same prognosis with DIPG"
    M. Rogers
  3. "We were losing hope after learning of my husband's liver cancer diagnosis. Mary took more time and put forth more energy in helping us than any of our doctors have so far. He recently received his liver biopsy results and we are thrilled to know that there is no cancer to be found! We believe in cannabis thanks to SMJ!"
    Michelle K. - NP
  4. I attended one of SMJ's seminars and I am now in stable diagnosis thanks to the information I learned and applied with Mary's help.
    Joseph R.
  5. When I first learned that I had CRC I thought my options were limited. My patient advocate at SMJ spoke with my doctors and helped develop a comprehensive plan that included both western and eastern medicine. My doctors are very happy with how my current treatment is going and so am I. Every scan is better than the last.
    Gary L. - Oregon resident
  6. I never imagined that I would have marijuana in my medicine cabinet. I am a parent and I do not drink. Cannabis has made my anxiety manageable and I am functional all day. My doctor is so impressed!
    Maddison A. - Soccer mom
  7. Simply Mary Jane consulting changed our lives. They are so knowledgeable and helped me find research regarding my son's astrocytoma. His tumors are reduced for the first time ever!
    P. Magee - Mother, Teacher
  8. Although we have not met in person, from our very first conversation SMJ has been so caring and compassionate about our situation, like they were a part of our family. They have not only helped us and given us hope, they are always providing solutions to whatever this cancer throws at us. I am just so thankful for SMJ.
    K.B. - Mother
  9. Mary has worked with me for three years. She has an extensive knowledge about cannabis and is always available to work through any roadblocks my diagnosis presents. Thank you Mary!
    John B. - Business Professional
  10. Mary is the most well intended person I have met in this industry. She truly cares deeply for people and it shows. We are thankful to have been connected with SMJ.
    K.D. - Software Engineer
  11. SMJ understands so much about the human body, cannabis, and pharmaceutical medication. They have insight that surprises even my doctors. I would refer SMJ to anyone seeking to become educated on the benefits of cannabis. They have an answer for everything!
    M. Dornall - RN
  12. Our daughter has been battling epilepsy since she was three. SMJ has helped us find local resources in Colorado that best suit our daughter's needs. We are indebted to them for the time and energy they devoted to helping our family
    Karen M. - Mother, Real Estate Agent
  13. I am so grateful for SMJ and what their influence has done for my family.
    C. DeLuca - Coach