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Everything you want to know about Cannabis
and how to make it  work for your needs.


Simply Mary Jane is a consultation group dedicated to erasing the stigma of cannabis use in our society. We are parents, 
school board members, professionals and friends.
We support cannabis in our communities and are focused
on the education of mindful cannabis use.

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*We do not provide or sell any products. We provide up-to-date information on the
latest research and guidance to help you navigate the legal cannabis world.


  1. I believe in whole plant medicine and natural ways of healing. At Simply Mary Jane, we are educating people to help them live a more organic lifestyle.
    Liz Kihlstrom
    Chief Operating Officer/Sales
  2. Simply Mary Jane is about people, plain and simple. We believe in education and empowerment to change the face of cannabis in our communities.
    Mary Brown
    Executive Director
  3. Cannabis has the ability to be a life changer and everyone deserves the opportunity to better understand the true value of it for both medical and recreational purposes.
    Courtney Mosher
    Creative Director
  4. It is time for patients to feel comfortable exploring cannabis as medicine without fear of falling into a stereotype.
    Cecilia Brown
    Director of Marketing & Events